Our Mission

Here at our sole objective is to help make your wardrobe more ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly.

The unfortunate truth about the global fashion industry is that it currently contributes an estimated 10% of global greenhouse gasses and 20% of global waste water. On top of that, 85% of the clothes we throw away each year end up in landfills never to be used again. 

The good news is that fashion brands are slowly starting to invest in sustainable alternatives to the way they design, manufacture and deliver their products and we are here to help! 

Our promise is simple. To curate an exciting collection of sustainable and socially conscious products that are kinder to the environment and the people that make them. 

Our collection of products will be made from recycled materials that when produced contribute approximately 70% fewer carbon emissions than their virgin counterparts. Or organic materials that cause no damage to the soil they are grown in or to our water supply.

We will also be pledging 5% of all our profits to charitable efforts around the world that work to help clean up the waste caused by our consumption and give back to the environment and communities that are most affected.